Kovosvit MAS – MCV 1016 QUICK

The machine was set up.  The trial run was done. Now is running serial production.

Here is some basic information about the device:

  • X, Y, Z linear and rolling axes provide long-term high precision
  • Direct measuring system – fast and accurate positioning
  • Use of powerful high-pressure center cooling tools
  • Quick tool change – tool magazine with mechanical hand – (magazine capacity 24pcs)
  • Effective chip removal
  • Waterproof cabin covering of the workspace with glass doors
  • Wide range of special options
  • Spindle power up to 17 kW (S1 / S6-40%)
  • Spindle max speed 10,000 rpm
  • HEIDENHAIN iTNC530 HSCI control system

Complete technical data for the type can be found directly on the Kovosvit MAS website.


Akira Seiki SV760 H

3 axis vertical machining center.

Here is some basic information about the device:

X-axis 760 mm
Y-axis 445 mm
Z-axis 520 mm
Rapid feed in X / Y / Z axes: 48/48/36 m / min
Working area in X / Y / Z axes: 12/12/12 m / min
NC system: Standard Heidenhain TNC620
Spindle taper: Standard ISO 40 / BT 40
Spindle: Drive as standard with belt drive
Maximum speed: 12000, 15000 rpm
Maximum torque: 108 Nm
Tool holder standard: ISO40 DIN69871, BT40
Tool changer: capacity 28

Complete technical data for this type can be found directly on macmatic s.r.o.


Y-axis twin-spindle CNC lathe (Japan) TAKISAWA TS 4000 YS


Type of CNC: FANUC
Max diameter machinable: 315 [mm]
Diameter allowed above the bench: 600 [mm]
Max. length machinable: 735 [mm]
X axis travel: 267 [mm]
Z axis travel: 840 [mm]
Y axis travel: -50 [mm] / +70 [mm]
A-axis travel: 780 [mm]
X axis rapid feed speed: 30000 [mm/min]
Z axis rapid feed speed: 30000 [mm/min]
Y axis rapid feed speed: 10000 [mm/min]
A-axis rapid feed speed: 30000 [mm/min]
Spindle nose: A2-8″
Max diameter in bar: 82 [mm]
Spindle passage diameter: 94 [mm]
Max speed spindle: 4200 [rpm]
Spindle power: 22 [kW]
Counter spindle nose: F140
Counter-spindle passage diameter: 53 [mm]
Max speed counter spindle: 6000 [rpm]
Counter-spindle power: 11 [kW]
Max. section tool holders: 25 [mm]
Number of turret posts: 15
Number of motorized turret stations: 15
Max speed rotating tools: 6000 [rpm]
Watering tank capacity: 370 [l]
Installed power: 37 [kVA]
Supply voltage: 400 [V]
Number of hours powered on 15403 [h]
Number of hours in operation: 6109 [h]
Machine dimensions: 3000 x 2140 x 2300 [mm]
Weight: 6700 [Kg]


High-performance wire-cut EDM
High-performance model innovating the next-generation of high-performance machines.
Next-generation drive system and optimum machine structure
* Equipped with a linear shaft motor(LSM)
* Circular accuracy within 1μ is realized using optical drive system(ODS).

Max workpiece dimension: 810x700x215mm
Max workpiece weight: 500kg
Table dimensions: 640x540mm
Table type: Four-sided hardened table
Machine travels (XxYxZ): 400x300x220mm (XY axis OPT drive specifications)
Machine travels (UxV): +/-60 x +/-60(Optidrive)
Wire diameter: standard 0,1-0,30mm and option 0,05, 0,07mm
Tank capacity: 550l


Automatic surface grinder. CrossfeedMan-machine 7.2” touch color screen equipped PLC digital control and EQUIPTOP exclusive pictures mode working system, easy to learn and operate.
Table size: 408x813mm
Standard magnetic chuck size: 400x800mm
Max. Table loading: 420kg
Standard grinding wheel: diameter 355mm, width 50mm, bore 127mm