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Machine equipment of the company



Almost all manufactured parts for single-purpose machines and fixtures are manufactured on our own machinery. When we start with the preparation of the material, it is necessary to mention circular saws (Al, steel) and band saw. In addition a drill press, milling machine, and lathe. The last growth is a 3-axis vertical machining center

Kovosvit MAS - MCV 1016 QUICK

The machine was set up.  The trial run was done. Now is running serial production.

Here is some basic information about the device:

  • X, Y, Z linear and rolling axes provide long-term high precision
  • Direct measuring system – fast and accurate positioning
  • Use of powerful high-pressure center cooling tools
  • Quick tool change – tool magazine with mechanical hand – (magazine capacity 24pcs)
  • Effective chip removal
  • Waterproof cabin covering of the workspace with glass doors
  • Wide range of special options
  • Spindle power up to 17 kW (S1 / S6-40%)
  • Spindle max speed 10,000 rpm
  • HEIDENHAIN iTNC530 HSCI control system

Complete technical data for the type can be found directly on the Kovosvit MAS website.

Akira Seiki SV760 H

 3 axis vertical machining center.

Here is some basic information about the device:

X-axis 760 mm
Y-axis 445 mm
Z-axis 520 mm
Rapid feed in X / Y / Z axes: 48/48/36 m / min
Working area in X / Y / Z axes: 12/12/12 m / min
NC system: Standard Heidenhain TNC620
Spindle taper: Standard ISO 40 / BT 40
Spindle: Drive as standard with belt drive
Maximum speed: 12000, 15000 rpm
Maximum torque: 108 Nm
Tool holder standard: ISO40 DIN69871, BT40
Tool changer: capacity 28

Complete technical data for this type can be found directly on macmatic s.r.o.